Healthy Eating

At Stepping Stones Early Learning Centre, we are proud to be able to create and provide nutritious meals for the children. All our homestyle meals are prepared in house ensuring only the freshest produce is used – allowing us to serve delicious cooked meals to the children every day of the week.

We provide balanced meals that contain food from the five food groups and work alongside nutritionists to ensure the meals they receive meet all their daily dietary requirements. Besides nutrition, mealtimes are a time to explore a world of new flavours and textures; it is an opportunity for the child to learn more about nutrition and to develop their sense of taste.

The healthy and diverse fresh produce and cooked meals we provide is enjoyable and aids in children from a very young age to associate positive feelings with their food. The experiences and interactions around meal times also contribute to helping them secure their future health and the basis for a strong foundation to them having a healthy long term relationship with food.